Before you choose, know your options … from HGTV

Great article from HGTV: 8 Types of Windows From bay windows to casements, learn about your options before purchasing. What Are Your Needs? There are many different types of windows that make up the construction of your house. Windows allow natural light to flood your rooms during the day and let in air to keep it fresh and dry. Your windows also help define the style of your house whether it is traditional or modern. You can customize nearly any window to suit your changing tastes and needs. Photo courtesy of Anderson Windows and Doors. Read more…

Keep Cool and Lessen Your Energy Bill this Summer

Leaving your A/C on throughout the summer months can be just as costly as winter heating, but you can reduce your high summer energy bills by following these energy saving tips: For maximum ventilation, open windows both high and low in your home. Doing so pulls cool air in from down low and releases hot air up high. Open windows at both ends of your home to let air circulate freely. Close windows and blinds early in the morning before temperatures heat up. Open them up again in the evening to flush your home with cooler air. Upgrade to Energy Efficient Windows. By replacing older, single pane windows with well-insulated, heat-reflecting energy efficient windows, you will greatly cut down on the amount of heat entering (and lingering in) your home. If your current windows aren’t doing the job they should be, now is the time to consider window replacements. Energy ... View Article

Remodeling to Create an Indoor Outdoor Living Space

There’s so much to enjoy about an indoor/outdoor living space. Whether the effect is achieved through sliding patio doors, French hinged doors, or other clever remodeling innovations, when your indoor living space is connected with the outdoors, the seamless flow between home and garden will lift the spirits and create a sense of roominess and luxury in a way that no other straightforward remodeling project can. Many homeowners have transformed an entire light-blocking side of their home into a floor-to-ceiling patio door system, effectively blending their living room into their outdoor lounge, their dining area into their flower garden, or their kitchen into their patio. With a bit of expert consultation and the right glass door replacements, you can do the same for your home. Simply because a wall has been built does not necessitate it remaining a wall! For those with small homes and much more limited floor space, ... View Article

Window Replacements for Your Home

Windows serve many more functions that one might initially think. They are not simply the medium by which the sunlight enters into our home, they are also moderators of airflow, heat and cold, an accessory to our home’s beauty, and our view to the outside world. When considering purchasing new window replacements, follow these three guidelines to help facilitate your decision-making process. Design: Is your home modern, contemporary, craftsman, Spanish, Victorian, or? Which window replacements would best compliment your home’s architectural style, best highlight or accentuate its beauty and symmetry? Take some time to research the traditional design aesthetics of your home, so you’re sure to make the right style choices when you upgrade to new window replacements. Function: What function will your new window replacements serve? Consider how much light you wish to let in, how you want air to flow through home’s interior, and what your security concerns ... View Article

Vinyl Window Replacement Before & After

Before and after photos are a great way to see how big of an impact vinyl replacement windows can make on your home. Not only do they offer less visible benefits, such as increased energy efficiency, protection from UV rays and noise reduction, but you can choose from vinyl window styles and custom options to perfectly match the look of your home. If you are thinking about an investment in replacing home windows, take a look at our photo gallery to see what a difference they can make! Vinyl Window Replacement Before & After  

Replacement Doors: They’re Not Just for Humans Any Longer

Is your cat sitting inside bored all day long? Is your dog chewing up your leather boots because there’s nothing better for her to do? Maybe your critter needs a pet door! Consider: it’s easy for us humans to come and go as we please, but our pets on the other hand (at least, the majority of them) just aren’t able to open the door up and let themselves out for a breath of fresh air. If you’ve been thinking about window and door replacements for your home and about increasing your pet’s quality of life, now is a great time go for it! Window replacement season is here — the Northwest sun is finally beginning to shine! — and the expert craftsmen here at Clear Choice Windows and Doors are committed to providing you with the very best replacement windows and doors available. By installing a new pet door ... View Article

Time to Replace Those Classic Windows and Doors?

We Have Options for Romantics, too! Oh, that night wind whistling through your bedroom window as you fall asleep–isn’t it romantic? And that foggy condensation that gathers upon your kitchen window—doesn’t gazing through it remind you of childhood daydreaming? Often the reason we fall in love with our home is due to the nostalgia its time-worn windows and doors evoke. Unfortunately, our love for those original windows and doors may keep us turning a blind eye to their obvious problems—and to the necessity for window and door replacements. Drafts, condensation, difficulty opening, closing, or locking our windows, splitting wood, peeling paint, and light coming in where it shouldn’t—these are all strong indicators that it’s time to look into window and door replacements. If condensation is forming on your window glass, this is a clear sign that your windows are no longer insulating as they should. Problems with opening, locking, and ... View Article

Filter Out Your Lint

If you’re frustrated with lint clinging to your new home windows, try wiping them down with a coffee filter. Unlike using cloth or paper towels which weren’t designed with lint-free cleaning in mind, cleaning your home windows with coffee filters gives you the streak-free gleam you’re after without leaving the specks of fluff and fuzz behind. The reason coffee filters work so well at cleaning your home windows is because they are naturally lint-free, they do not tear easily, and they are designed to hold together even when completely saturated by liquid. On top of that, coffee filters are readily available in most homes. We recommend wiping your home windows with a few filters at a time, as the extra thickness will increase absorbing power. First, though, start by cleaning your home windows with your usual method, then wipe with the coffee filters for the finishing touch (this method will ... View Article

Natural Summertime Clean-Up

We all know there are hundreds of window cleaning products on the market that promise to protect your windows and make them sparkle and shine, but so many of these products contain toxic chemicals, or are created by companies with much less than admirable environmental track records. So when you’re sprucing up your yard this spring and notice your windows could use a cleaning, consider eschewing the store bought cleaners for homemade and natural products. Vinegar, Lemon juice, & Baking Soda are Nature’s best cleaning agents! They are nonabrasive (even mild abrasive cleaners such as Soft Scrub can scratch the of your new replacement window’s glass or frame), they cost next to nothing, and they are completely nontoxic to humans, pets, and the environment. Recipes for Natural, Homemade Cleaning Solutions *Mix equal parts Vinegar and Water in Spray Bottle *Mix 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice with 1 quart Water in Spray ... View Article

Take the Pressure Off Your Windows

Spring time a great time to give your house a pressure washing. But watch out for your home windows! There are several reasons to pressure wash the exterior of your home: to prep for a new coat of paint; to preserve the coat you already do have; to protect against the deterioration caused by the buildup of dirt, mold, and mildew. But while pressure washing may seem like a straightforward task, it’s important to take a great deal of care when washing close your home windows. Too much pressure too close to your home windows can compromise the integrity of your watertight seals, causing water to be injected into your home and potentially creating longterm leaks. Also keep in mind that just one inadvertent hit to your windows with the same pressure you’re using on the house could crack or break your home windows—or even blow them in! If it’s ... View Article